ColorReaderPRO pairs with Adobe Textile Designer to streamline textile design process

ColorReaderPRO pairs with Adobe Textile Designer to streamline textile design process

Datacolor have collaborated with Adobe to launch a set of innovative tools to help streamline the process of digitally designing prints for fabrics. The collaboration pairs Datacolor’s professional colour lookup tool, ColorReaderPRO, with Adobe’s newest plugin for Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Textile Designer. The integration of ColorReaderPRO with Adobe Textile Designer software allows designers to measure colour inspiration in the real world and transfer the data to Photoshop automatically via Bluetooth connection. The Adobe Textile Designer solution and ColorReaderPRO will debut at ITMA in Barcelona.

“Adobe Textile Designer was conceived to help streamline the print design process,” says Mike Scrutton, director of print technology and strategy for Adobe’s Print & Publishing Business Unit. “We are excited to incorporate the ColorReaderPro into the solution to simplify the process of capturing inspiration colour for designers.”

Many designers use Photoshop when starting fabric designs, but with the introduction of Adobe Textile Designer, users can now build and preview repeating patterns, define separations, work with colourways and keep every element editable in Photoshop until a design is print ready. With this Adobe plugin, designers can use Datacolor ColorReaderPRO to measure any source of colour inspiration and translate the colour data directly to Photoshop.

“Adobe Photoshop has always been an indispensable tool for designers and brands, and the pairing of our ColorReaderPRO with Adobe Textile Designer opens the door for users to be more creative than ever before,” says Diane Geisler, Vice President of Marketing for Datacolor. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Adobe to help artists and designers streamline the process of designing prints for fabrics, while cutting costs, saving time and increasing overall efficiencies.”

The ColorReaderPRO works seamlessly with third-party colour standard libraries, including Color Solutions International’s (CSI) ColorWall, and brands’ colour libraries. This integration offers tremendous time and cost savings in the textile design process by eliminating the need to manually search and match textile colour samples with swatches or colour codes.

“Finding the correct colour can be an inefficient activity in the print design process that can lengthen the production cycle,” says Tim Williams, Marketing Manager, CSI. “Adobe Textile Designer paired with the ColorReaderPRO offers users an efficient means to create colourways, whether using CSI’s 3,700+ ColorWallTM or selecting from existing Custom colours in their own library.”

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